Tal-Pina is the first and only olive pitting and spiral slicing system. Long gone are the days of hand carving olives with a parring knife. This method resulted in a low out-put of prepared olives, with countless hours wasted. Tal-Pina understands that your time is valuable, and so is keeping with tradition.

That is why our system relieves you of the grueling task of pitting and slicing olives. Giving you back the time where it matters most. The preparation of the olive, to be shared with friends and family.

The Tal-Pina Olive pitting and slicing system is crafted by hand in Canada. With quality components created from durable stainless steel and nylon plastics. All systems are rigorously tested and quality controlled through a family owned and operated company. Giving you, the customer piece of mind knowing that each system is built with care and quality.


1. Place an olive in the stand at the base of the system.
2. Press down on the lever.
3. As the lever is pressed the knife will create a spiral incision in the olive. At the same time the pitt of the olive is being pushed through to the bottom tray.
4. Bring lever back to the start position and repeat.

Time Difference

Tal-Pina 500 Olives = 1 hour
Hand made with parring knife 500 Olives = 5 to 6 hours

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Making my Ascolana stuffed olives use to take me hours. Now you have cut my time in half and I make alot more. It gives me more time to spend with my grand children and less time in the kitchen. Thank you!

    - Rosalitta Genardo
  • This is great! It use to take me so long to make even 100 olives. Now I do close to 600 for the same amount of time.

    - Lucia Bentala
  • I always wanted to put the Ascolane Olive on my menu but they were way to time consuming to prepare. Now I can bring another Italian cuisine to my menu that most others cannot.

    - Joe DiMara, Chef